The offer is only valid for persons resident or ordinarily resident in Schleswig-Holstein.

Schleswig-Holstein holds its license with the  Interior Ministry of Schleswig Holstein. Licenses were awarded under the GlSpielG SH with the following objectives:

The aim of the law is to create a regulatory framework (event, sales and mediation) for the provision of public games of chance which is suitable for the particular games. At this particulary:

  1. to ensure that games of chance are conducted properly, fairly, responsibly and transparently, players are protected from fraudulent activities and that all secondary and accompanying crime associated with gambling will be parried.
  2. directing the natural play instinct of the population in an orderly and supervised manner, in particular to curb the illegal gambling market and to authorise the legal and remunerated game consumption only to a reasonable extent,
  3. to ensure an effective youth and player protection,
  4. to prevent addictiveness with gambling and to create the conditions for an effective fight against addiction and precautions against exploitation by gambling and
  5. to prevent threats to the integrity of sporting competition at the event and with the distribution of sports betting.